Exposure Units

Exposure Units Guide

What you need and how to choose

Exposure units can be used for a wide variety of applications.

However, due to the wide variety of materials there is also a range of units on offer. This is a guide to the best unit depending on your application.

There is likely to be overlap in the application of different types of exposure units, but it is important to ensure that you purchase a unit suited to the main task you have in mind. In some cases, it may be necessary to purchase different units for separate tasks.

Step 1

Screen Exposure

f you need to expose screens, you can select from the following three available options:

LED Screen Exposure Units
– A efficient and cost effective alternative to metal halide.

Free Standing Metal Halide
– If you need faster exposure times and space is not a constraint

Self Contained Metal Halide
– A high end professional unit

Most beginners and many more advanced printers choose the cost effective option of uv exposure, but metal halide offers a great speed advantage for the busy shop.

Self Contained Metal Halide Screen Exposure Unit

Step 2

Pad & Hot Foil Plates

If you need to process polymer plates for pad printing or hot foil printing, these units are ideal:

Vacuum UV Unit
– Offers superior contact between artwork and printing plate

Pressure Pad UV Unit
– A cost effective solution for artwork that is not too fine in detail

The best way to choose between a vacuum bed and a pressure pad exposure unit is to consider the level of detail in your artwork.

Vacuum exposure units hold the artwork much tighter to the material being exposed, so a greater level of detail can be achieved.

Xeros Vacuum Bed UV Exposure Unit

Step 3

Other Applications

Many other processes require the use of a uv exposure unit. We offer two basic types:

Vacuum Bed Exposure Unit
– Ideal for reproducing fine detail on a range of materials

Pressure Pad Exposure Unit
– A great workhorse for the smaller budget and less detailed artwork

ID-Mark ® imaging materials, sand blasting stencils and in fact anything that requires ultra violet light for processing can be exposed on these versatile units.

Choose a vacuum bed exposure unit for fine detail or a pressure pad unit for more basic artwork requirements.

Blackbox Pressure Pad UV Exposure Unit


We supply a wide range of consumables for use with ultra violet exposure units.

This includes unprocessed, water washable pad printing plates that can be cut to any required size, hot foil polymer, capillary film and a range of other screen printing consumables.

We do not supply sand blasting stencils, but our vacuum exposure units under Option 2 are all suitable for producing them.

We no longer supply stamp making consumables, but if you already have a glass assembly, the unit shown above under Option 3 can be used to make stamps.

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