Pressure Pad UV Exposure Units

The Black Box

An entry level unit with digital control

The Black Box UV unit is the most cost effective model we offer and is ideal for exposing a wide range of products such as pad printing plates, hot foil polymer plates, ID-MARK® sign making materials and more.Black Box Pressure Pad UV Exposure Unit

The tubes are housed in the bottom of the steel case which means that the artwork has to be registered on the material to be exposed, and then placed face down on the exposure bed. The units are coloured black and have a pressure pad which is housed in the hinged lid. When the lid is closed, the foam pressure pad forces the artwork and material together to ensure good contact.

The Black Box pressure pad UV exposure unit is suitable for the following applications:

  • Produce water and solvent washable pad printing plates
  • Produce water washable hot foil printing plates
  • Process the ID-MARK® imaging system
  • Produce PCBs
  • Produce glass engraving stencils

An electronic timer is fitted to the front of unit and is housed in a touch sensitive membrane. Exposure time is entered by pressing either the up or down arrow until the desired time is shown.

The exposure cycle is started by pressing the start button, and when finished, the display flashes and returns to the original setting.

  • Foam pressure pad in lid (can be easily replaced if required)
  • Lights in base of unit
  • 4 UV tubes (15 watt each)
  • Digital timer (500 seconds)
  • Lid claps to hold lid in place during exposure
  • 12 month warranty

Please review the Xeros range of UV units if a more advanced timer control with audible exposure complete warning is a required feature. The Xeros range of UV units should be purchased when fine detail or photographic reproduction is required. Where this is not the case, the Black Box will prove more than adequate.

The Black Box and Axos exposure units are very straightforward machines to use, but like most straightforward products, sometimes it is necessary to provide some background information that will help to clarify initial concerns. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and we hope that these will help you to decide if either one of these products is the machine for your business.

Any UV processed material such as polymer printing plates for pad and hot foil printing machinery, PCB’s, glass engraving stencils and some sign making products can be exposed on the Black Box or Axos UV units.

Dalesway offers two types of exposure device and pressure pad exposure systems are the simplest and most cost effective way to begin working with UV processed materials. A large piece of foam is housed in the lid (on the Black Box) and in the base (on the Axos) and when the lid is closed, a piece of glass is squeezed against the foam to cause contact between artwork and substrate material.

It is best to keep the artwork simple. Try not to use fonts that are smaller than 12 point and do not incorporate very fine detail and high definition line work into the artwork. Larger solid areas and clear text (sans serif faces) are fine on this type of equipment.

The simple answer is no. If you need to work with very fine detail, rather invest in a vacuum bed UV exposure unit such as the Xeros range. We offer a number of different sized vacuum bed exposure devices including both single and double sided systems.

If a person has never used a UV unit before, then it may make no difference which model is purchased. However, some users prefer one format over the other. When artwork and substrate are put inside the Black Box unit, they must be placed on the exposure glass in the following order – artwork first which will appear to be the wrong way round at this point, and then the substrate. With the Axos unit, due to the fact that the lights are housed in the base, the substrate material is first placed on the foam pressure pad, then the artwork after which the glass lid is closed against the foam pressure pad.

Both units are fitted with a digital timer that can accept and exposure time of up to 500 seconds.

Simply plug the unit into the mains, and timer will switch on. Open the lid (two lids on the Axos system) and place the artwork inside the device. Close the lid again, select the exposure time by using the up or down arrow of the touch membrane control panel and then press start. The timer display with then begin to count down the selected exposure time. Once the exposure has finished, the display will return to the time that was originally used.

A standard 13 amp domestic plug socket is needed.

Both of these units are the size of a large briefcase hence a relatively small desk or table is the perfect place to operate them.

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