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Screen Printing Exposure Units

E1000 & Expos-It vacuum UV exposure units for silk screen printing

Vastex exposure units for silk screen printers offer great value in a truly professional package. Screen printing exposure units ideally need vacuum hold down to create the best quality artwork and even the entry level screen printing exposure units from Vastex offers this feature at a very affordable price point.

We offer a choice of UV and LED screen exposure units, all offering a 3 year warranty. The professional level units offer advanced control panels to save time in busy screen printing shops. On all units, thelid is raised and lowered by two gas struts and incorporates a rubber blanket and vacuum function to provide perfect contact for quality exposure. Vacuum is drawn through a manifold which ensure there are no holes in the rubber blanket.

Electronic ballasts ensure a quick and reliable tube start and a steady UV output on entry level units. A digital timer controls both tubes and vacuum. Optically clear glass is used which helps to ensure a reliable and controlled exposure.

Entry Level UV Screen Exposure Units

Vastex E100 entry level UV exposure units offer beginners an efficient entry into the screen printing market. Equipped with vacuum hold down and electronic ballasts for quick starts and steady UV output.

Entry Level LED Exposure Units

The entry level LED screen exposure units from Vastex offer ultra fast exposure times, high resolution detail and very low energy consumption with a five year warranty on the LED lights for complete peace of mind.

Vastex E200 LED Screen Exposure Unit

Professional UV Exposure Units

The E1 range of exposure units is ideal for those who want to expose large screens on a tight budget. The high output fluorescent UV tubes have been engineered to ensure streak-free light output.

Vastex E1000 High Performance LED Vacuum Bed Screen Exposure Unit

Professional LED Exposure Units

Vastex professional level LED screen exposure units offer advanced LCD touchscreen control panels to easily save up to 10 preset exposure times while also being equipped to take the largest screen sizes in the range.

Vastex E2000 High Performance LED Screen Exposure Unit

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