Engraved Brass Type

Engraved Brass Type

Designed for monogramming and blind debossing

The demand for personalised products that are either hot foil printed or blind debossed has grown incredibly in recent years. Suppliers of quality leather goods require access to a hot foil printing machine to offer a personalisation service. The range of machines offered by Dalesway allows type to be used quickly and easily, literally within a few seconds after the letters have been composed.

How should I choose a set of type?

Several types of material can be used to manufacture type, but Dalesway only supplies engraved brass type. This material heats up and cools down very quickly, and can be engraved with high quality designs that produce stunning results on a wide range of materials.

Our range of engraved brass type is some of the hardest and most durable available. The body of the type is first machined to an exact point size then ground to the exact height known as British type high. The characters are deeply engraved onto each body piece and special jigs are used to ensure perfect alignment of the characters, something that only engraved type can offer. We guarantee that our engraved type can be used just as effectively for blind debossing onto leather goods as it can for traditional application of foil, producing clean, crisp prints every time. With our type sets it is also possible to add to the font in future should letters become lost or damaged. This is not possible with all type.

How do we supply the type?

  1. Choose a style from our extensive list of available fonts
  2. Select a size either in millimetres or point size
  3. Decide whether you want uppercase only or lowercase as well
  4. Select from a standard specification font of either 100 or 150 pieces. Numbers are only provided with uppercase sets
  5. Monogramming clients may want to choose a set of 107 pieces which includes 4 of each capital letter and 3 full stops
  6. Choose a set of spacers and quads for each point size of type you will be using


Remember, if you require uppercase and lowercase type, we will have to supply you with either 200, 250 or 300 pieces in total. This configuration will provide you with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and punctuation.

Monogramming sets of 107 pieces are uppercase only and do not include numbers. Three full stops are included along with 4 of each capital letter.

Please feel free to call us for help and advice on selecting your type.

Engraved Brass Dies

If you have a requirement to print a logo or other custom information onto products, an engraved brass die is a high quality solution that ideally suits customers who need to personalise leather products and other items where a deep relief on the characters is essential.

Another benefit of using engraved brass dies (compared to a a much cheaper chemically etched die which we can also offer) is that it is of the same height profile as type and therefore logos and other text can be combined in one print run if needed.

Sequential Numbering Boxes

Designed for hot foil printing applications

Sequential numbering boxesDalesway offers a range of sequential numbering boxes that can be used with the Kwikprint range of hot foil printing machines.

These numbering boxes are plunger operated and can be located directly inside the tiltable type and die holder used on the Kwikrpint system.

Each numbering box has a choice of printing face, number of wheels, size of print, forward or backward operation and “skip numbering” and repeating models can also be provided.. The numbering boxes are made entirely from high grade steel and the figure wheels are deeply engraved and hardened to give a long and accurate working life.