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All you need for an efficient & productive artroom

Once your designer has finalised the screen printing file, you have several steps before it appears on a finished garment as you well know. How you get to that finished product depends entirely on how you equip your pre-press area or artroom.

While some may view the items discussed on this page as unnecessary, it will be difficult to make your screen printing equipment run at peak performance and earning optimal revenue for your business unless you invest in them over time. By making a few simple changes to the way you produce film positives, register screens before exposure, dry coated screens prior to use, setup the press and mix ink, huge benefits can be derived.

Take a moment to read about the tools we offer that will turn your screen printing artroom into a highly efficient part of your business – you can only benefit by learning how to work smarter instead of harder!

Colour Separations

Create colour separations from your screen printing file and produce high quality film output using FastColour, a suite of products that will allows you to print full colour designs onto t-shirts and other garments like a pro in no time.

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Screen Exposure Units

A vacuum bed exposure unit is an essential piece of hardware in any screen printing business. Dalesway offers a range of units including small format vacuum systems, self contained metal halide and free standing metal halide.

Vastex E2331 Vacuum Bed UV Tube Screen Exposure Unit

Washout Booths

A washout booth is a great tool when you are making screens on a very regular basis as it keeps the potential mess from water and chemicals in one place. The purpose of a washout booth is not to remove ink but to prepare the screens initially and remove the stencil when reclaiming a screen.

Vastex Stainless Steel Screen Washout Booth

Screen Drying Cabinets

A screen drying cabinet is the ideal way to increase the productivity of the pre-press area of any busy screen printing business. Screens can usually be dried in around 20 minutes. The light-tight cabinet can also be used for storage until screens are required. Various models available.

Vastex DriVault 10 Screen Drying Cabinet

Screen Registration System

The Vastex screen registration system allows users to locate film positives onto coated screens, then burn all the screens in registration and after washout, fit the pre-registered screens onto the press in registration. The system is a big time saver.

Vastex VRS Screen registration system

Training Tools

We offer various training tools to allow newcomers and established printers alike to increase their knowledge and skills. If you cannot join one of our screen printing classes, the book and DVDs are an ideal way to learn.

Screen Printing Training Guide

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