Athletic Numbering

Printing Numbers On Shirts

DiGiT Universal Numbering System

Heat transfers and stencils are a popular way of printing numbers onto garments and this process has always been fraught with registration problems and the potential for colour inconsistencies between batches of numbers.
In addition to this, there is generally only a limited range of colours available and the process of heat transfer application is slow, labour intensive and consequently high in cost, both from the perspective of raw materials and labour time.

Do You Need to Number Sports Wear?

If numbering sports wear is part of what your business does, or indeed something you would like to be able to do for local sports teams, there is a better way. By screen printing the numbers with an efficient and easy-to-use numbering system, you can get a truly professional finish in one or two colours.


Screen Printing Numbers: The DiGiT Universal Numbering System

If you don’t already have a screen printing press, the Vastex V2000 system is the ideal companion for the DiGiT universal numbering system. However, the DiGiT universal numbering system offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use kit that works with virtually any rear clamp screen printing press and will turn athletic numbering jobs into a profitable extension of your screen printing business.
If you regularly do screen printing of numbers, you may want to consider a dedicated press for the purpose, but for smaller volumes the DiGiT accessory can simply be fitted to your screen printing equipment when needed.


Register numbers quickly and accurately

Once installed on the screen printing machine, simply slide the screen left and right to instantly locate and lock-in the exact position for each number using the special detent rail that uses a bright yellow arrow to guide you to perfect numbering. The DiGiT universal numbering system uses two screens, each having 5 numbers pre-burned onto the screens for quick and easy installation and use. There is a choice of nine different fonts available, or if you would like to put your own style of numbers onto the screens, you can save money by using your own screen positives – all we have to supply are un-exposed screens that are ready for your designs. For a small additional cost, we can provide a template that will help position the designs on the screens.

Advanced number spacing

Screen printing numbers that are properly positioned, especially two digit numbers that incorporate the number 1 has always been a headache, but not so with the DiGiT universal numbering system. The system is able to compensate for any combination of numbers using a choice of five position notches for every number. This ensures that the spacing between the numbers will always be correct and the resulting two digit number appears on the centre of the garment.

Number 17 Printed Shirt


Without Vastex number spacing, the narrow 1 creates too much space between numbers and the two-digit design is slightly off-centre.

Number 17 Printed Shirt


Moving the number 1 closer to the number 7 reduces the spacing but the two-digit printed design is now significantly off-centre

Number 17 Printed Shirt


With Vastex number spacing the space between numbers is reduced and the two-digit number is centrally positioned with no reduction in print speed

Two colour design options

Screen printing numbers in two colours is just as simple and can be done in either 20 cm or 30 cm sizes, you need to purchase a second DiGiT system, and you will be able to print outlines or a combination of colours directly onto the garment. Various fonts offer the option of single colour, two colour with outline or two colour with drop shadow.


Print 2 to 3 times faster than with any comparable numbering system

  • Two operators could be printing 120 one-colour numbers per hour
  • One operator could be printing 60 one-colour numbers per hour
  • Two operators could be printing 60 two-colour numbers per hour
  • One operator could be printing 40 two-colour numbers per hour


Not just for screen printing numbers

It is equally as easy to print names, pocket designs or any other graphics from the same sliding screens. The DiGiT system can be customised for your special application too, just enquire. If you have a four station press, you can add team names or other images to the garments you are printing as well.


A complete solution if you don’t already own a screen printing machine

If you are looking for a complete athletic numbering solution, the Vastex V2000 screen printing press is the ideal system for use with the DiGiT and can be configured from single station, two colour system. The Vastex V2000 range is a premium screen printing system that is accurate, user friendly, affordable, built to last and is supplied with a 25 year limited warranty to the first user. The Vastex V2000 system offers the screen printing professional an unequalled range of advanced capabilities that decrease set up time, improve registration accuracy and increase productivity, saving you money!
Please call us to discuss your numbering requirements.