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T-shirt printing with the best - Vastex screen printing equipment

Silk screen printing machines that are upgradeable and can grow with your business will save you money in the long run. All systems we offer are easy to use too and there is something to suit every budget.

The Vastex range offers upgradeable silk screen printing machines on a table top or traditional speed base carousel format. All Vastex machines are configured as all heads down as standard (except 4/6 models).

Vastex V100 Entry Level System

The Vastex V100 is an entry level table top screen printing system that features fewer parts, and a lighter duty construction, yet has the legendary Vastex quality associated with products from this premium manufacturer of commercial grade presses. The V100 remains an all heads down carousel, with steel pallets.

Vastex V100 4 Station 4 Colour Tabletop Screen Printing System

Vastex V1000 Mid Level System

The Vastex V1000 is an all heads down, mid range traditional screen printing system. The machine is offered in a number of configurations and can be complimented by the wide range of Vastex shirt boards, flash dryers, tunnel dryers, screen exposure units and screen drying cabinets. The V1000 features all steel pallets as standard.

Vastex V1000 4 Colour 4 Station Screen Printing System

Vastex V2000 Profesional System

The Vastex V2000 screen printing system represents the best that is available in a manually operated machine. If you want a high quality, all heads down, professional, easily upgradeable system, look no further – nothing comes close!

Vastex V2000 4 Station 4 Colour Screen Printing Carousel

Vastex V2000 Numbering System

Anyone that regularly prints numbers will know how tedious transfer printing really is. Not so with a numbering system and V2000 screen printing equipment. This clever machine will print one shirt before a vinyl based design has even been cut!

Vastex V2000 Athletic Numbering System

While t-shirt printing is always in high demand, you need to ensure that you purchase screen printing equipment that will allow you the flexibility to offer a range of complimentary products too. Don’t send your customers to the competition for other screen printed products, with Vastex screen printing equipment you will be able to offer your clients products that will add value to any marketing campaign.

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