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The right dryer for every application

A screen printing dryer forms part of your essential kit, but what is the purpose of a flash cure unit or indeed a screen drying cabinet? Do I really need to have a tunnel dryer or screen drying cabinet and what will be the benefits in investing is such technology?

Most inks used during screen printing need to be cured using heat after they have been printed. To ensure that the print remains on the garment and does not fade or crack during washing, the ink must be properly cured.

A screen drying cabinet will save you time and money and allows a busy pre-press department to work at the highest level of efficiency.

Flash cure units are used to dry the surface of ink that has already been printed on the garment, allowing subsequent ink to be printed on top of an existing layer of ink, and stops wet ink from building up on the underside of the screen during printing.

If you are a seasoned screen printer, simply navigate directly to the items you need from the top navigation.

If you are new to the business and need a little more help, just follow the easy steps below or give us a call and we would be happy to help and guide you through the maze of what the different types of screen printing dryers are for.

Step 1

Choose a Flash Cure

An essential part of every screen printing business:

Infra Red Flash Cure Units
– Available for manual and automatic presses.

An infra red flash cure unit is likely to suit the needs of most of our clients and most units made by Vastex come with a 15 year heater warranty .

We also offer the option of a rotary table for start-up businesses that don’t have enough space or budget for a tunnel dryer.

Vastex F100 Infra Red Flash Dryer

Step 2

Choose a Dryer

Select the style of screen printing dryer that suits your requirements:

Infra Red Dryers
– The most widely used system, compact in size and very versatile – all electric.

UV Dryers
– For specialist applications where uv inks are used

Infra red screen printing dryers are the most widely used by garment printers as they are compact and upgradeable in future.

Vastex D100 Infra Red Conveyor Dryer

Step 3

Screen Drying

While this is not an essential piece of kit, it is a great add-on:

10 Screen Drying Cabinet
– Increase productivity by drying screens in 20 min

24 Screen Drying Cabinet
– Dry even more screens in 20 min – a great time saver

Wide Format Cabinet
– Ideal for larger screens or for 2x capacity smaller screens

Vastex DriVault 10 Screen Drying Cabinet

Screen Printing Consumables

There are very few consumable items relating directly to screen printing dryers, but you will find a wide range of general consumables to keep your business running on our consumables page.

Whether you need some paper thermometers or a laser thermometer to use with your screen printing dryers or replacement screens, inks, squeegees, new or different pallets or clean down chemicals, we can help with everything you will need to keep you printing.

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