Screen Registration

VRS Screen Registration System

Accurately locate film positives onto screens before exposure

The Vastex VRS screen registration system allows you to locate film positives onto coated screens accurately, burn all the screens in registration and after washout, fit the pre-registered screens onto the press. This process ensures that only a minimal amount of adjustment is needed on the press, therefore dramatically cutting down on setup times and increasing profitability.

What is pin registration?

The VRS screen registration system takes the precision work out of the hands of the press operator and places it under the control of the artroom.

The VRS screen registration system provides a foolproof, repeatable method of setting up any multi-colour screen printing job, saving time and money!

How Does VRS Work

How does the screen registration system work?

The Vastex registration system or VRS for short, is an ultra-fast and highly accurate artwork registration system that allows you to locate positives onto the screens whilst off-press and then locate the screens onto any rear clamp press with all colours in registration. How do we do it?

4 Easy Steps to Perfect Screen Registration

  • Attach the film positives to pre-punched setup sheets in register using the alignment grid on the pin board
  • Locate and attach the film positives in register to your screens using the VRS pin board with screen stops
  • Burn all the screens on a screen exposure unit of your choice
  • Locate and clamp each screen onto the press in registration using the VRS pallet jig

All of these steps, excluding time to develop the screens, can be competed in under 3 minutes per screen!


What are the benefits of an artwork registration system?

Big screen printing businesses can boost output dramatically by moving the responsibility for screen registration away from the printing department and giving it to the art department!

Smaller screen printers and one-man operations can slash the time spent on screen making and registration at the press and also increase the accuracy of screen registration.

Screen printing companies that use the VRS screen registration system will be able to:

  • Cut overall screen registration time and lost profits by at least 70%
  • Improve registration accuracy and print quality
  • Reduce costs
  • Cut out the guesswork and random placements
  • Recoup the investment in less than one week!

Don’t waste time and money struggling to produce registered screens and then battle to setup the press to print the job when an artwork registration system like the VRS can remove all the hassle and make you money in the process!

Do I really need a VRS system?

If you intend to use your screen printing equipment to print multi-colour designs with tight registration, the production of pre-registered screens is vital.

Remember – time is money, and any time spent struggling to produce registered screens and the loss of further time on the press to achieve registration is a loss of profit for your business!

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