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Automatic Screen Printing Solutions

The GTO range of automatic screen printing presses

Automatic screen printing systems are ideal for high production environments, products that have print areas that are beyond the scope of pad printers or indeed products that require a heavier ink deposit, possibly due to being more absorbent.

In addition, printing onto cylindrical products where the print needs to reach more than 25% around a product, calls for a cylindrical screen printer such as the GTO 550 Evo.

Within the GTO 500 series of semi-automatic screen printing machines, there are two core models, namely the 550 and 570 evo. Both models can be used to print flat items, but the 550 evo can also be used to print onto cylindrical products, which makes it very versatile indeed.

A vacuum table can be supplied as an optional extra on both these systems, and this is a very clever upgrade that makes the 550 and 570 Evo models even more versatile. The 550 Evo can also be supplied with an optional automatic sliding table which allows the machine to be used without the need to open and close the two safety interlocked doors. The “slider” version may be preferred if you wish to have operators further away from the machine for health and safety reasons.

550 Evo Semi-Auto Screen Printer

A most versatile semi-automatic screen printing solution comes in the shape of the GTO 550 that is capable of cylindrical screen printing and standard flat screen printing, all in one convenient unit.

GTO Evo 550 Semi Automatic Screen Printing System

570 Evo Semi-Auto Screen Printer

The bigger brother of the 550 automatic screen printing machine is the 570. This model is intended solely for printing onto flat products such as boxes, carrier bags, front panels and many more.

GTO Evo 570 Semi Automatic Screen Printing System

Conveyor Screen Printing Equipment

This versatile conveyor style screen printing system can be adapted to suit a variety of applications, either by printing individual products such as insoles for shoes on a continuous basis or printing up to four reels of material

GTO Evo 570 Label Screen Printing System

Screen Exposure Units

We offer a range of high quality, vacuum bed screen exposure solutions including traditional UV tube, high performance LED and metal halide units. Metal halide screen exposure units are available only as fully self contained units.

Vastex E2000 LED Vacuum Bed Screen Exposure Unit

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