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UV Curing System

A compact, table top UV dryer

Our table top UV dryer is made in the UK and has been developed for smaller print formats, curing up to A2 size graphics.

This compact UV curing system is ideal for print shops that need a compact UV dryer to cure pad printed or screen printed UV inks.

Flexibility and ease of use

Flexibility is critical to any print shop so both UV dryer models have a vacuum hold down system as well as a separate cooling fan for the UV lamp(s).

A lamp hour meter and high / low power switch are provided as standard and the variable belt speed is controlled by a 10 turn potentiometer. The model 2 system has independent control of each UV curing lamp.

For safety, light guards are fitted at the inlet and outlet of the dryer chamber and this ensures that there is no UV light spillage.

Please be aware that both the UV dryer Model 1 and Model 2 require a 400 volt, three phase mains supply and this will have to be installed at your premises by a qualified electrical contractor.

An optional heavy duty, castored stand can be supplied at extra cost allowing the dryer to be easily moved if required.

A compact table top curing system

The model 1 and model 2 UV dryers are available in two compact formats – 30 and 60cm belt widths – and both use an ozone free medium pressure mercury vapour lamp, which produces high power UV curing of 131 watts per cm without the need for extraction.


Model 1 uses a single UV curing lamp, curing up to 30cm in width and Model uses 2 UV curing lamps curing up to 60cm.


Both models of UV dryer will accept products of up to 40mm in height, but as a special order, we can modify either of these two UV dryer models to accept taller items. All control gear, cooling fans and motors on the UV dryer are housed in an extremely compact, all- steel constructed chassis.

Features and benefits

Table Top UV Conveyor Dryer

The following are the main reasons for considering the model 1 and 2 table top dryer

  • Compact size
  • Vacuum hold down
  • Ozone free lamps
  • UV lamp height adjustment
  • Optional stand
  • High power
  • High power output of 131 watts per cm

If you are looking to invest in UV curing equipment, there are various things to consider. A good starting point is to read more about the compact UV dryer that we offer on the product page. Here you will find more details about the two standard models we offer. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our UV conveyor dryer. We hope that these will help you to decide if this product is what you require, but please feel free to call us for further help and advice.

UV based inks can only be cured using a conveyor dryer that produces UV light. An infra red tunnel dryer cannot cure UV printed inks since the ink is activated and cured by the UV light source in the dryer.

Yes. A UV dryer can be used whenever UV inks are used. The two most commonly used ways of applying UV inks to products is by pad printing and screen printing. Products such as CDs are most commonly printed with UV inks.

All forms of UV light can be dangerous, including of course, the spectrum produced by the sun. However, to ensure that this UV dryer meets the relevant safety requirements, these units are fitted with UV light guards at the inlet and outlet of the dryer chamber and this ensures that there is no UV light spillage.

No. Garments are not usually printed with UV curable inks so there is no reason to use this dryer as part of a textile printing system package.

The simple answer is no, as the dryer needs a three phase 400 volt mains supply and this is not normally available at residential addresses. However, if you can have such a supply installed at your home, then you could use the dryer very easily.

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