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What if a screen printing class could revolutionise your business forever?
What if you could save £3,671.20 per year on screen production alone?

With the advent of online video publication it seems as if you can learn to do just about anything yourself, but have you stopped to consider who you are learning from? Are these people truly experts in their field? Think about the following example for just a moment.

Increase CashA small screen printing shop producing just 4 screens per day on average, learns how to do screen coating and prep in the right way and makes a saving of £3.53 on each and every screen. Multiply this saving over a nominal 260 days of production and suddenly you are looking at savings of £3,671.20 in just one year. This saving grows year on year with your business as you need to produce more screens too.

Our studies and charts show a figure greater than £3.53 wasted with typical procedures followed by the majority of screen printers who are mostly self taught.

We can fix these problems if you are willing to learn!

Typical procedures in the screen printing industry are woefully inadequate and wasteful, while the procedures we present also generate an increase of 12% or more in efficiency on top of savings to be made by doing things right!

We understand your struggles and we can help!
So how do you save £3.53 on each screen you make?
How do you improve efficiency by 12%?

Introducing: Your Profit Increasing Pro Course!

Everything you always wanted to know about screen printing and couldn’t find in the forums.

  • Shave months off your learning curve if you’re just starting out
  • Lower internal costs
  • Never waste another screen
  • Never lose another night of sleep scouring the internet for often wrong or outdated answers
  • Have the confidence to tackle any job, no matter how complex
  • Get rid of inefficient, outdated methods and slash bad habits
  • Become an assertive, well-versed professional
  • Stay ahead of the competition

Do you really want to continue to struggle and waste money day in and day out? Can you afford to throw away thousands of Pounds each year on “free” advice and outdated methods?

Do you want to remain set in your ways or as a beginner, learn bad habits to unlearn again later, or do you want to drive your business forward?

Learn how to improve your screen print productivity from a well respected authority in the industry, someone who has kept up with the massive changes in the screen printing market and continued to update course materials over 17 years and have access to all this knowledge in very small groups where your own personal issues can be addressed so you leave confident and well equipped, ready to drive your business forward no matter how long you have been screen printing.

Training of this quality is in very small groups only, so secure your seat today if like previous attendees, you are serious about your business.


Hear the first hand report of business owner Nick who decided to attend the course alongside his team to drive his business forward and give him better insight into what his team faces each day. As a novice he experienced the process from start to finish and witnessed how his screen printers gained confidence.

Listen to interviews with 4 different students who attended the course. One beginner and 3 with experience of 3, 9 and 20 years respectively. All benefited and tell you in their own words.

Two complete screen printing beginners tell you in their own words how they found the A to Z of Screen Printing course.

Screen Printing Classes